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Terms and Conditions


Contact us for pricing.

There is a 25% non-profit discount. Valid 501(c)3 or current student ID must be shown.

All contracts must include at least one hour of set time and 1/2 hour of tear-down time.

Staffing fee

Hourly staff            $15/hour

Payment is due in full no later than five (5) days prior to the event.

Food and Beverages

Concessions will be sold during each event unless otherwise agreed upon.


Equipment listed under will be free of charge. Other equipment may be rented at an additional cost.

    Sound System


    Basic auditorium and stage lighting

    Microphone (up to 2)

Technical requirements

All technical requirements and arrangements will be agreed upon between Renter and the Nuart prior to event date. If Renter provides qualified operators for the lights, audio board and the projector (if required) may waive labor fees. The Nuart retains the right to determine operator qualifications. 

Use of the Nuart

The Nuart provides the lobby, downstairs bathroom and theater with event rental, only. Balcony seating is available upon special request. No other use or access to the upstairs is allowed at any time. No exceptions. 

The Nuart Theater retains the right to access and take pictures during the rental period.  

Signature:___________________________               Date:_____________________________


Renter may use the marquee upon request. Only guaranteed use day-of event.


It is the renter’s responsibility to provide General Liability insurance in the amount of $500,000 to Nuart Theater prior to event.

Close Up

Renter agrees to leave space clean, free of any garbage and in the condition in which it was found. A cleaning fee may be charged ($25/hour) if more than routine cleaning post-event is required.

Renter will reimburse the Nuart Theater for any additional expense that was incurred (time, equipment, cleaning, etc) if deemed necessary by Nuart Theater.

Alcohol Policy

  1. The Nuart at its sole discretion will determine if alcohol may be served at an event.
  2. Alcohol may only be consumed in designated areas at the Nuart Theater.
  3. If alcoholic beverage service is agreed upon for your event, only approved vendors, such as, Pat Greenfield at Bucers, may be used to obtain a valid alcohol permit. Vendor will also provide staff to serve the alcohol. 

4. The renter will supply to Nuart a valid Certificate of Liability in the amount of one-million dollars ($1,000,000), naming the: “Nuart Theater, LLC” as additionally insured parties. The Certificate of Liability must accompany the Catering Permit.

5. The Nuart Theater assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the distribution, consumption, nor enforcement of State and Local law. Such compliance rests solely on the Vendor and Renter.

6. Renter and/or Vendor assume ALL liability arising from and in connection with alcohol sale/distribution, and consumption.

7. The Nuart may terminate alcohol sale if it is deemed any part of this policy has been breeched or if there is a safety concern for the building or its occupants exists.